Top 10 Campsites for Fishing in Queensland

Queensland has some of the best spots to fish in the country. You’ll love to know that there are several beaches you could use. We talked about the best to camp and fish in below.

1.    Cowley Beach

It has areas to BBQ. This makes the location a favourite amongst families.

There is also a spot for laundry, and there are pedicured walkways to easily move about. The cherry on top is the fact that there are cabins in the vicinity too. There is also very good phone reception.

Get a big fridge slide ready. Its waters are known to be full of fish.

2.    Smalleys Beach

From all the fishing spots in the state, Smalleys Beach is one of the most popular.

It has bathrooms, so you can easily camp for days. Speaking of staying for days, trailer parks to keep your vehicle would be present.

What’s great is that there are walking trails throughout the beach. There are spots where you can access drinking water too.

The phone reception in the camp is not bad either.

3.    Balgal Beach

You can bring your pet to Balgal. There are toilets, which anyone would appreciate. When camping at Balgal, you’ll easily be able to keep in touch with family and friends. There is superb phone reception.

You’re unfortunately not allowed to swim in the water. If it’s any consolation, there is a boat ramp. And there is a site to access drinking water too.

4.    Kurriname Beach Campground

Kurriname lets you bring your pets. You can park your vehicle in its trailer area and stay for days.  

The beach not only lets you fish in the waters but swim in it too.

There is a spot for laundry. And drinking water would be available.

5.    Bramston Beach Campground

There is an area for you to BBQ, as well as a trailer park to stay in. Worrying about bringing enough water won’t be an issue – Bramston provides bottled water.

Are your kids not the biggest fan of fishing? Don’t worry, they’ll enjoy the trip. There is a play area especially for the little ones.

Like Cowley, there is a spot for laundry. Of course, toilets are present as well.

There is decent phone reception. You’ll have no complaints.

6.    Dicky Beach Holiday Park

The holiday park is very close to the beach. It’s quite popular with tourists, which is why it will be packed with people.

There is expert phone reception. You will be met with plenty of toilets, and there are cabins to stay in too.

Fun for the family would be possible thanks to the BBQ area.

What’s more, there is a pool that you can swim in after fishing the whole day.

7.    Carmila Beach

From all the names discussed, Carmila Beach is the only camping spot that will let you light fires. Your pets would also be allowed.

Time at the beach would be exciting as there are trails to off-road.

Like all the beaches discussed, there would be toilets and good phone reception.

Its water is known for their superb fish supply.

8.    Military Jetty Caravan Park

The park is not as popular as the rest. However, it comes with equally great features. You will get trailers, as well as good phone reception.

The park lets you fish and swim. There are walking trails throughout, so you can explore. You can go on adventures with your pets too – Military Jetty lets you bring your furry friends.

Bottled water would be offered and so would toilet facilities.

9.    Moolalaba Beach Holiday Park

The park lets you do your laundry. There is also a BBQ area, and decent phone reception would be offered.

You sadly can’t bring pets. There is a trailer area to park your vehicle, and toilets are also present.

What’s more, there is a family park to spend your day.

10. Cotton Tree Holiday Park

Like some of the entries talked about, it offers cabins to stay. You can do your laundry in the park, and it comes with a BBQ area as well.

You not only would be able to fish but swim too. We’re fans of its toilets, as they’re the most well-kept from the bunch.

You would be able to grab drinking water as well.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think about the locations? They are some of the best fishing and camping sites in Queensland. However, there are several other great names out there too. From the list, where will you be visiting?

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