The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Electric Boat Motor

Thinking of purchasing a new motor for your boat? All the points to consider helping you make the right purchase are discussed. Keep reading.


How powerful is the motor you’re thinking of buying? Know that how powerful the one you get is would affect how much speed your boat would have. As you can imagine, larger ones would provide the most horsepower. Unfortunately, they tend to be the most expensive.

The max power you can get would be 8 HP. How heavy your boat is would affect how beastly of a motor you would need as well.


Who is going to install the unit? Even if you’ve owned your boat for a while, the installation work may be too hard for you. Hopefully, the shop you’re buying from would offer the service. As there are countless motors around, larger more intricate options would require more skill to place.

Make note of how much you’d be charged to get the equipment attached too. Compare and contrast shops so that you don’t get hit with hefty rates.


The devices can be made from a range of materials. You’ll want something that would be able to handle shocks. That’s why your best bet is motors that have composite or stainless-steel shafts. They are especially important if your boat is going to be sailing out of intercostals waters.

Replacement Blades

Let’s talk about your motor getting damaged. Something may have happened that caused its blades to break. If you were smart about the motor you purchased, this wouldn’t be an issue. Some electric motors for boats have replacements blades freely available. Getting replacements would especially be hard if you purchased the motor abroad – sellers near you may not have what you need in stock.

Speaking of whether blades would be freely available for it or not, we have to talk about how easy it would be to get specialists tending to the motor if anything were to happen to it.

Battery Length

The size of the battery influences how much speed would be produced. But it also determines how long until juice would run out. If the motor is 100-amp hour, it would produce 25 amps for 4 hours before running out. Use the device at half speed if you’d like it to last longer.


How will you be controlling the device? Moving it by hand is the oldest and most reliable – you’ll be using a control head. But to the advancements in technology, the motor you’re interested in may have another way of controlling it. One of the most advanced technology ways is through remote control.

Final Thoughts

To wrap everything discussed up, quite a lot of points have to be kept in mind if you’re thinking of purchasing a new motor for your boat. From everything that was listed, the most important would be the horsepower of whatever you’re getting. Boats that are larger and heavier would require more amps per hour to work.

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