Must have Necessities on Your Boat Trip

Why not rent a boat and enjoy a nice boat adventure during your summer vacation? All you have to do is gather your crew, set a destination for your trip, get all the necessities you need, and experience an exotic adventure. But you will have to have extra knowledge on the things you need to take with you on the trip. So here are some essentials listed out to help you sort your stuff out.

Mandatory Documents

You will need a boat registration license and a license to operate the boat. If you don’t have a boat operating license, you can just hire a captain. If you are also planning on fishing, you will need a fishing license if the law of your country or state requires one.

Mandatory Equipment

There is safety equipment required by law such as fire extinguishers, flares, horns, and other safety boating equipment. Other than that, you need life jackets, one for each person on board. You can carry inflatable life jackets which will be more comfortable and safer. You also have to make sure your boat has full navigation and electronic equipment such as nautical charts, GPS devices, cell phones, a radio just in case you need to send a distress signal.

First Aid Kit

It’s always good to have a first aid kit ready with you on every trip you go. For a boat trip, you can add bandages, gauze, antiseptic cream, motion sickness medication, medicine for allergies, pain medications, and most importantly, insect repellents. Check to see if you need any vaccines for the area you are travelling to.

Comfortable Shoes

You need non-slippery shoes especially when you are on a boat. Surfaces of the boats tend to be slippery so it’s better to wear a pair of shoes that will hold tightly onto the surface without slipping.

Sun Protection

Never forget your sunscreen, sunglasses, and lip balm. You also can wear a nice hat. You will be more exposed to UV rays during this trip so make sure you protect your skin from harmful rays.

Extra Clothes

Even though it’s summer, you never know when the weather would be cooler. There might even be storms. Therefore, make sure you bring some warm jackets or sweaters, blankets, and extra pants, tops, and shoes to keep yourself warm.

A Dry Bag

Things are bound to get wet when you are on a boat. So, you have to ensure that all your important documents are safe in a dry bag.  Pack doubles the amount of everything that might get wet such as clothes, shoes, and towels.

Entertainment Items

You should make your vacation an n unforgettable one, so make sure you pack everything you need to make good memories like your camera, your favorite music playlist, chargers, snacks and drinks, and accessories for water sports and game nights.

These are some of the basic essential things you will need. Combine these with your own essentials and hope you enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

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